The Elsberry Community 

Growth Association

The Elsberry Community Growth Association [ECGA] is a 501(C)(3) non-profit membership organization focused on promoting and preserving the community of Elsberry as a great place to live, raise a family, start a business, shop, and play.  We seek to do this through the accomplishment of four main objectives:

  1. Attracting new residents and homeowners.

  2. Spurring economic growth and development.

  3. Fostering civic responsibility and volunteerism.

  4. Instilling community pride by eliminating deterioration and encouraging private initiatives.

Membership in the ECGA is open to any one who a) lives in Elsberry, b) owns or operates a business in Elsberry, c) any church, civic group, government entity or elected official that serves or represents Elsberry, d) any business that has a significant presence in the community though not located here.  Membership rates are $15 for residents, $35 for non-profits and government, and $50 for businesses.

To become a member, complete and return this application (with payment) or register online here.  Browse our directory to view some of our current members.

Our Board of Directors

Sam Byers - President

Adam Heitman - Vice President

Andrew Howard - Treasurer

Brennan Lagemann

Candice Steen

Christina Pickard

Eric Lovelace

Hillari Lagemann

Jerry Keeven

Jodi Dormire

Kari Gremaud

Dr. Tim Reller

Our Community Partners

Mercy Hospital Lincoln
Visionary - $1,000
People's Bank & Trust
Visionary - $1,000
Visionary - $1,000
Providence Bank
Visionary - $1,000
yondoo Broadband
Visionary - $1,000
Forrest Keeling Nursery
Investor - $500
Elsberry Health Care Center
Investor - $500
Elsberry Hardware
Investor - $500
Collin's Construction
Investor - $500
Nicholas Cacioppo
Investor - $500
MFA Agri-Services Elsberry
Friend - $250
Alliance Water Resources
Friend - $250
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P.O. BOX 204